Mick Jenkins is mad underrated. After dropping The Water[s], which was easily one of my favorite mixtapes of 2014, he’s gone on two major tours, one with Redman and Method, the other with Pro.Era’s Kirk Knight. More importantly though, he’s beginning to gain the recognition he deserves as he’s even landed a spot in the Lollapalooza lineup for 2015. Granted, I doubt many regular attenders will even know the name, but it’s definitely a great opportunity for him to gain more fans. Personally, I wish Pitchfork threw him into their lineup because I’m definitely not paying that much for a lolla ticket, but oh well.

It’s been a while since we’ve gotten a new Mick Jenkins track. Last time we heard from him was on that Chicago Sights N’ Sounds track “Time” which I definitely enjoyed (still no word on when that mixtape will drop though). However, there really hasn’t been any real indication as to how Mick was intending on following up his latest project. Although he’s always playing snippets of new tracks on snapchat which gives me hope for something soon. Alas, today he officially dropped the first track off of his upcoming EP, The Wave[s]. Whereas The Water[s] featured some slower production, this Lee Bannon produced beat goes hard from the start and as a result features a rather aggressive delivery from Mick. Conceptually, this new project might just pick up where his last project left off, as this new track definitely has its fair share of water-related metaphors. Super excited for this new EP now.

Find a stream for “Alchemy” below.


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