Hey everyone! Ray here. Currently writing this from outside BSB with my friend Sarah and savoring this excellent weather. As I’ve been writing this blog I realized I need some more topics to blog about—weather, which has been the topic for 488.2 of my previous blog posts, is the only thing besides mashup music that gets me impassioned. We have just a few more weeks left in the semester before exams, and probably the only nugget of advice I can dish out is this.

Start studying now. You’ll thank yourself later.

As for me, I’m working on it slowly but surely, heh.

Graduation is coming up, and in retrospect I feel these past few weeks have been spent with me feeling sentimental for some reason. I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels some moments are inexplicably linked to foods that you were eating, music you were listening to, people you’re around, you know? Mundane, yeah, but coupled moments deserve some recognition every now and again.

When I first discovered mashup, some music just became forever associated. Now, I can’t listen to “This Love” by Maroon 5 without hearing “Fancy” in the background. Nor can I ever envision a world where “Wake Up” by Arcade Fire and “Money to Blow” by Birdman are two separate entities. I guess today is about coupling. In the history of mashup, right when it was just a fledgling genre, one extremely popular mashup came out. 

Party and Bull**** in the USA, featuring rising pop star Miley Cyrus and hip hop legend Biggie Smalls. When I first heard this in 2012, this combination was unbelievably infectious. This was back in Miley’s awkward, stumbling ascension to stardom before every one of her songs began with Mike WiLL Made-It repeating his name. Whether it’s a blessing or something far more sinister, these two songs are forever coupled in my mind. I can’t help but hear Biggie in the back of my mind whenever I hear Miley’s song.

Another more recent spin on the coupling trend features The Hood Internet and their rework of Schoolboy Q’s “Collard Greens” with Just Blaze & Baauer’s “Higher”. This mashup adds a much-needed trap element to Schoolboy Q’s single. I don’t normally listen to trap, but these two songs together have an addictive synergy.

And now? Well, maybe there are some more sleeper hits or mashup wonders waiting to be coupled in the future. Perhaps summer 2015 will have its own (mashup) soundtrack. 

Got any favorite mashups? Any songs that you can’t get out of your head? Comment below!


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