From One Lake to Another


Picture this: A rather warm room, getting warmer by the second, as a band performs in front of a sold out show. Fans are clapping and sing along to practically every other song. You look amongst the crowd of fans there are those covered in tattoos, a man in a suit (random), and fans young and old(er).

Well this is precisely the scene straight from Beat Kitchen not too long ago when From Indian Lakes paid Chicago a visit. From Indian Lakes is a band from California that released their full album Absent Sounds last year; they are currently signed with Triple Crowd Records.

I got the chance to check them out at Riot Fest this past year in Chicago and I was rather impressed with their performance; prior to that I had never heard of them. I’m really glad I checked them out that day, I even chatted with front man Joey Vannucchi about the band’s origin. After hearing about their story, travels, and more; I knew I had to keep them on my radar. So you can imagine my excitement as they announced their headlining tour.

Keep in mind the show wasn’t sold out before and as I instagrammed a photo from their set circa Riot Fest, I got messages about what time the show was and where it was. I didn’t know that there were so many fans coming out.

Beat Kitchen played host to their tour and the first band I had the chance to check out opening for them was the Soil and the Sun. A band that had me intrigued as all seven of them took on this small venue’s stage. This band roots were started in Grand Rapids, Michigan and have led them to this national tour. Their set of guitars, a violin, pianos, and even an violin had me craving more of their unique sound. I’m sucker when it comes to uncommon instruments brought onto a set. If you haven’t heard of them, please go to their Facebook page and check out their album Meridian; you can thank me later.

By the time their set ended, I looked behind me and saw that the room had filled up as there were people standing all the way in the back by the merch tables. This had to be a sold out show now, a worker at Beat Kitchen (great staff there) confirmed that for me.  I stood close to the stage and heard the chatter among them of how excited they were to be there to see From Indian Lakes.


As they took the stage, I was so grateful for their lighting setup (thank you), and they began an amazing set.  Fans cheered at practically every first few chords of every song they performed that night. Songs like Runner, Ghost, and Breathe Desperately; really had the crowd going. At times Joey would play alongside their drummer Tohm Ifergan, really enjoyable to see. Their fans all looked so happy to be there and they were putting in as much energy as the bands was. As their set came down to a close their fans cried out “one more song!” I ended up joining them in yelling for an encore, what can I say? I really was having fun at their show.  From Indian Lakes came back on stage to close out with a few more songs, one of which was Breaking My Bones, a song which I recognized from when they played Riot Fest.

Overall the show was amazing and I look forward to covering their next Chicago show. If you are going to a show of theirs be sure to snag their album Absent Sounds on vinyl, its limited edition (clear vinyl) and it’s pretty awesome.


Be sure to check out our gallery of the entire show here!

Story & Photos: Kris Fuentes Cortes
IG: @krislorifuentescortes

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