Sometimes you just get lucky.  Several times I have been at music fests and just happened to walk by a stage and discovered great music by an artist that I had never heard before.  That’s a big reason I love getting there early, when the lesser-known artists are playing, usually even more than seeing the headliners, when it’s extremely crowded and hard to see.  It’s great to be right there when the magic happens, up close and personal.  That’s another reason I prefer seeing smaller shows in clubs than going to an arena, where you lost that contact.  And this brings me to a certain moment in time, Oct. 7, 2011.  Antony & The Tramps, one of Chicago’s best bands, has come to Austin to play a show at a club.  Their show also coincides with the Occupy Austin demonstrations, part of the Occupy movement going on around the country at the time.  Antony and the band finished their show and were relaxing afterward, when someone comes in from the Occupy demonstration and asks if they will come out and play for the crowd.  They agreed, and fortunately for us all, their amazing performance of “The Warrior” was captured by someone with a video camera.  Here it is, a great moment in time.  Enjoy.  Oh yeah, Antony joins me on my show today at 12:30 at .  We will be playing tracks from their upcoming album.  And if you enjoy this video, be sure and see them live Friday night in Chicago at Lincoln Hall.  It should be another great moment…

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