Finals are threatening from the ominous edge of the horizon. As your blood begins to flood with dread, it’s important to find the time to relax. A cool, dark movie theater brimming with false realities is a potential hotspot for pre-finals relaxation.

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For the action lovers: Fast and Furious 7

Do you have furious levels of testosterone mounting inside you which can only be tamed with an excessive amount of explosions? Find your cure in the seventh movie in the series which is exactly what it promises to be. Warning: possible tear-jerker moments and eye-rolling one liners.

For the romantic: Cinderella

You’ve accepted that fluffy dresses get your heart racing much more than explosions, and though you may not find your stereotypical masculine prince charming sitting next to you while you watch a film celebrating pure femininity, you’ll find the happy memories of Cinderella you had as a child. Warning: this is the story of Cinderella, don’t expect anything new or groundbreaking.

For the cinephile: Imitation Game (Nearly out of theaters)

If you haven’t seen this Oscar-contender yet, you’re missing out. It’s a beautiful movie with an amazing true story to boot. The film isn’t too boring or complicated for film novices to appreciate. This movie will make you a better person. Warning: Forget what you know about Sherlock before watching.

For the quirky: What We Do in the Shadows

You most likely haven’t heard of this gem of a flick about some vampire roommates from New Zealand just trying to have a good time. Jemaine Clement from Flight of the Conchords stars. Please go see this movie to forget about the 15 page final you have due in 2 weeks.

At Logan Theatre (easy access from the Blue Line!) student tickets cost only $6.75!

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