4 Chi City show was dope and loaded Sunday night… so much so, I missed out on covering a few announcements  And yes! I gotchu on a recap for those who may have missed it. Mercy on my soul, smh lol! Let’s get in to it tho..

Major S/O to K Moon and Good Deeds Crew for comin thru. Good Deeds will come thru May 3rd to hit yall up with the #GoodDeedsChallenge for Sickle Cell. Be sure to tune in Sunday to find out if you are up for the #GoodDeedsChallenge.


On May 3rd, Chi City femcee Si Si Dior will come thru with her latest track Fly. Be sure to log in Sunday night from 6pm – 8pm to check for her music and live interview.


Last week I got the chance to cover MC Lyte Listening Party at The Promontory, stay tuned. Also got the chance to meet with her opening act, Chicago Femce Rita J. Rita J will come thru with new music and the latest! Be sure to stay posted for more info.


Now!! If you know B… you know B Roc got love for seeing women doing their thing within the hip hop industry. So if you rock wit checkin for female MCs, then you can def rock wit me on this! May 3rd, the homie Lady T and the ladies from QueenPin Cypher Part 2 will come thru with new music, to represent, and fill you in on updates.



# # # # # # EARLY WARNING # # # # # # 

The next three shows will be dope and fully loaded. 4 Chi City Radio will take a small break and return June 14th.. so before we break out.. WE GOTTA ROCK OUT!!! Lol Don’t miss it! Much Luv! Thank Yall Love Yall Muuuaaaahhhhhzzzz See you Sunday!!

I also wanna send a Major Major S/O to my Big Bro DJ J Kidd!

Back on radio, doin his thing! @DJJKIDD IG @djjkidd

Thanks for ROCKIN wit me!!! Roc4Chi_City
IG @rockwitb_roc @4chi_cityradio

IG @rockwitb_roc @4chi_cityradio

IG @gooddeedscrew

IG @sisi_dior

IG @ritaj9

IG @ladytchicago


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