The Mello Music Group constantly puts out some of the greatest music by a bunch of underground artists. I came upon the label having been listening to Oddisee for a while and it was through this label that I came across L’Orange. Back in April of 2014 this guy put out The Orchid Days, a beat tape full of some really nice jazzy sounds. The talents of L’Orange are seriously overlooked. However, I haven’t actually followed Jeremiah Jae too closely. Jae actually was born in Chicago and grew up in the South Shore neighborhood, which surprised me. This guy has done work with the Brainfeeder group (aka Flying Lotus’ label)and while some of his projects have been decent, others have left me puzzled. Jae does his own share of producing when he’s not rapping, however his production never sounds as soulful as L’Orange likes to take things. Something odd, seeing as Jae’s general laid back vibe would sound compliment soulful beats perfectly.

On this album, we see this to be true. The Night Took Us In Like Family is entirely produced by L’Orange and features Jeremiah Jae providing a story over this 18 track LP for the listener to enjoy. Split into five major parts, this album tells an interesting story about the underworld. Over some dusty soulful production, Jeremiah Jae spits about tales of crime, crooks and everything in between. “Noir hop” is what they call this sound, which makes sense as the album certainly feels like an old school gangster flick. This definitely sounds like one of the better albums of this year.

Stream The Night Took Us In Like Family below.


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