Surprise! I am back yet again for another summer blog! This blog is very special because I got the opportunity to sit down with the up-and-coming twin sister band Good Graeff (rhymes with safe, they reminded me).


Good Graeff are a band currently living in LA. Their sound is a unique blend of indie pop and rock, with a twist of classical cello mixed in.

This past Friday, I headed down to Lincoln Hall in Chicago. I was met with Brooke, the guitarist and lead vocalist of the band. As we discussed which area would be the best place for the interview, her twin sister and fellow band member Brit found us. 

We headed to the back of the venue where Brooke and Brit opened a door, revealing a hangout room with a couch for the bands to chill before their shows.

“We’d like for you to meet our tour manager,” they joked, gesturing toward a little Jack Russell Terrier lounging on the couch. Lucy, who they’ve had for 5 years now, they informed me, went on tour with them, and didn’t seem to mind the noise, talking, or constant people walking in and out of the room.

Although the duo are currently living in LA, they spent much of their lives traveling. Born in New York, their family and they later moved to Florida, and parting ways for school later on. The possibility of forming a band did not occur until later, approximately 3 years ago, when Brooke and Brit were together in Vietnam teaching English and conducting motorcycle tours.

Brit had been classically trained as a cellist, while Brooke learned to be a Foley artist, as well as being a guitarist. With their special set of skills, the two reformed their band to win a cash prize in a Battle of the Bands, and the rest is history.

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While they don’t listen to much music nowadays, they are inspired to make music by even the simplest of things. Specifically, Brooke mentioned, that she found the most inspiration for songs just driving silently in the car.

As per usual for bandmates, going on tour together can make it difficult to get along with one another. But for Brooke and Brit, being family makes it easier to be honest with each other and share their feelings when tensions get high. But in general, they do get along famously, as Brit put it.

When they are not doing shows or playing music, they take up some other hobbies. Brooke, for example, has taken up hiking since moving to the west coast, while Brit claims she “collects hobbies like normal people collect normal things.” These hobbies, she explained, include surfing, woodworking, and creating surf bags from recycled fabric.

Lastly, they told me about their new record, titled Good Job Go. The album is set to release July 10th, but a few singles are already available, including “I Want That,” and “Peiky Peiky,” available on Soundcloud.

They explained that their new album is vastly different from their first EP, Better Half, in a way that has shown how they’ve evolved as a band. It is upbeat and summery, and they seem just as excited to release it as a whole as I am to listen to it altogether.

Listen to the full interview below, and be sure to check out Good Graeff on YouTube, Soundcloud, and Spotify!

What do you think of Good Graeff? Comment, share, and let me know what you think!



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