We are less than two weeks away from UIC’s annual signature event, Spark (In the Park). We’re going to start off with our local band Tanzen, D.C’s Wale, and then the Midwest’s own twenty one pilots.

It’s going to be so lit.

Unfortunately, some people use this as an excuse to divulge in alcohol abuse. I won’t be able to change anyone’s mind on whether or not they should drink. We’ve all taken D.A.R.E, and most if not all of our families have talked to us about Abuse as well. I am no one’s parent and I am not here to 13ig 13rother anyone either.

Let’s look at the following scene for more info on how to “Be Responsible!”

Be responsible. What does that mean to you?!
Here we have Terry, Terry is an everyday normal student. He works out, he studies, he eats, and like most early 20 somethings, he too enjoys his casual turn up.
Terry can either Turn Up, or Turn Around. If you’re like Terry perhaps you would like to Turn Up?

Terry woke up this morning ready for the day. He knew waking up that his morning that his night had a strong possibility of drinking. If Terry wants to be responsible, his options are either to Turn Up, or Turn Around.

TurningUp) Involves eating a good healthy breakfast. Drinking water to get his body flowing.
Turn Around) He skips breakfast for a solo cup of coffee with a little extra.

Terry Turn Up is prepping his day, being responsible is more than just one aspect of your life. It’s a combination of various things. Where as Terry Turn Around neglects his physical and mental health.

Terry has finished his (meager) meal and checks the clock. It is now 8:00AM. His first class starts at 10AM. He has an hour of free time to kill before he heads off to classes. Does Terry Turn Up or does he Turn Around?

Terry Turn Up) Knowing that alcohol may be involved in his late night, and knowing that he won’t have much time between classes and Spark, he decides to study. Jogging for the mind some would say.
T-Down) With little effort Terry opens up his Facebook page and starts posting statuses. He goes on Reddit, 9gag and even 4chan for the hour he has, foolishly wasting his time.

Terence is on his way to school on the bus when one of his school friends hits him up. “Hey man, let’s turn up!”

Terry TurnUp) Doesn’t go along with the quo and decides to attend his classes over day drinking.
Terry Turn Around) Joins the squad in an attempt to lose brain cells. Not only losing points with drinking but also going into the negative by skipping his first class.

An hour has passed, Terry Turnup is heading to his next classes while Terry Turndown may have lost his glasses.

T-Up) Drinks two cups of water every hour to keep his body moving and functioning properly.
T-Down) Drinks alcohol and coffee to keep himself awake, not knowing that dehydration is a very serious matter.

The options that Terry has for food are wide and varied. He should eat bread with light meat and lots of veggies!

Terry TurnUp) Prepared and brought his meal from home. Delicious PbnJs and chicken with kale and avocado.

TDown eats something greasy and fattening from a fast food burger joint. Thinking that the best way to combat alcohol in his body by filling it with something far far worse.

watch as Terry Turnup drinks water and other fluids consistently while Turndown is guzzling more alcohol than a Hummer with divorced parents.

Ah yes, the turn up is about to begin. We’ll see how well Terry Turnup vs Terry Turndown compare.

Turning Up is “Being Responsible!” If you know damn well you’ll be out and unable to get your work done you shouldn’t be going out! Handle yo’ business before you decide to get into nonsensical adventures! If you aren’t ready to Turn Up then you should just Turn Around!

This is Joaquin, aka 13lacula, telling you to “Turn Up or Turn Around!”


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