Hello, listeners! I know you are wondering what goes on behind the scenes as I, The Kathleen-Machine, put together the “Vintage Vibes” show each week. Not only is the show a bit time consuming with the gathering of music, but it also requires a bit of research.

“WHAT?” you say. “What kind of research would possibly be needed for a simple college radio show?”

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 6.06.21 PM

Well, I’ll tell you! When I sit down to write the “Vintage Vibes” script each week, I take into consideration the different segments of my show. The segments include Interpretation TimeObsession HourLocal Love, and and other times where I discuss something especially random. Interpretation Time is where I choose a song and interpret the lyrics. Obsession Hour is where I play music and discuss an artist or band I am obsessed with. Local Love is, as assumed, where I play music from a local artist or band.

When I go about writing the script for my show, Interpretation Time takes research because of the song I pick and the differing connotations associated with that song. I try to make my interpretation of lyrics fair and composed of many opinions, not just my own. This rings true with the band I am obsessed with, also. When I write about the artist or band, I try to find an interesting backstory to who the band is, how they formed, and a couple of their greatest achievements. Granted, sometimes this can all be available on one site (*cought* Wiki *cough*), but I try to branch out and get a few better sources for my research on the band. Local Love, a lot of time, is just me playing my own music because, hey, it’s my show! However, I have played a few local musicians that I remember from UIC Radio’s Battle of the Bands or from researching Chicago area bands. I want to play an artist/band that fits with the show’s music genre, but is also unique and worth giving publicity.

After I’ve done all of this and implemented this research into my script, I make sure the amount of time I planned works well with the songs and amount of time I speak on air. This is actually not all too tricky because all I do is check my song playlist time and estimate how long I would talk and assume it’s all going to work out fine (my motto for most things). This leaves leeway for the end of my show and room for error.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 6.08.20 PM

Lastly, but most importantly, after writing my script for the show it is imperative (completely imperative) I take a nap. Why? you ask. Because I’m a senior in college and after writing or thinking too hard about anything I have to take a nap or drink a lot of coffee. And coffee is gross. Boom.

So, yes. This is what I do each week as I put together the vastly amazing parts of “Vintage Vibes” and entertain you all for two whole hours. Thank you for your interest, although I know you didn’t ask. Thanks for reading friends.

~Keep it surreal~


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