New blog, who dis?

Starting today, I will be writing a weekly column for UIC Radio. My goal is to share new music you might have missed due to school, work or, unlike me, actually having a life outside the internet.

You are a real one if you know why the column is titled The Premiership but those that don’t are still welcomed to bask in all the champion sounds that will be featured here. The Premiership is for the kids!

The column will mainly revolve around Hip-Hop, but also highlight other genres from time to time (shout out to variety!). Each week I will try to compile five records that caught my attention and persuade you to listen because quality music is good for the soul.

Now that we got the introduction out of the way, let’s start with this week’s featured records.

Trapo – Drugs
When you read this column and find a track you heard awhile back, keep in mind that “new” is a relative term and that the Earth is over four billion years old. This song was released seven months ago, but I just came across it after listening to the latest Neon Nighlights episode over at These Days. The tender vibes, with a nice a piano backdrop and Trapo’s soulful cadence, makes “Drugs” a refreshing listen, no matter the date.

Michael Christmas – Shadows (prod. by 6ix)
Cousin Stizz – The Wave
Michael Christmas and Cousin Stizz both call Boston home, have created a nice buzz nationwide and gotten co-signs from industry heavyweights. They are also best friends and have achieved success through different lanes. While Stizz’ style is straight-up street rap delivered with a hypnotic flow, Mickey expresses himself through a “regular guy” persona and on-point pop-culture references.

They each dropped a single last week and both songs exemplify why they are terrific in their respective fields. “Shadows” finds Christmas turning his conventional day-to-day into sold-out shows and other extraordinary events over a dope Mount Kimbie flip produced by 6ix, whereas “The Wave” is a lowkey hit featuring an eerie production and Stizz spreading the gospel left behind by Biggavelli himself.

Tripp Heavy – Golden
Tripp is a Chicago native that can probably out-rap your favorite emcee without even trying. Unfortunately, there isn’t a whole lot of material from him online. Nonetheless, that will change this month as he gears up his own weekly series, TuesdaysWithHeavy. “Golden” is the first single and it was co-produced by Zay Rock.

Brockhampton – Dirt
This joint was premiered on Beats 1 a few weeks ago, but the official video was released last week. I was unaware that they had signed a partnership with Fool’s Gold, but I’m happy that this eccentric group from Texas have found the right team to put their vision onto the national scene.


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