Happy Thursday everyone! I am here to introduce myself to all of UIC Radio’s listeners and readers.


My name is Claire, but like a lot of people I hate my name so I’ve gone by “Clay” since middle school. Don’t bother asking me how I came up with it or where it came from, it’s just something random that stuck. I am currently a Freshman at UIC, majoring in who knows what, trying to figure out what the heck I’m doing. Not only am I new to UIC but I am brand new to Chicago, and am so thankful to be here!

I was born and raised in Champaign-Urbana. Before anybody asks me, “Why not UIUC?” Know that it’s because after 18 years, corn fields get old. Personally I don’t find myself a very interesting writing topic, so trust me when I tell you in the up-coming Thursdays you most likely won’t see another post about me.

Because I suck at talking about myself here’s a list:
Love – Kehlani, Buffalo Wild Wings, Taylor Made Pizza, candles, Kit Kats, Tory Lanez, old Kanye, Muhammad Ali, Aaliyah, Blistex, 90s T.V./movies, dancing, FIFA, flossing my teeth, when random people smile at me
Hate – loud eaters, bad breath, chapped lips, people who smell, finding hair in my food, tripping on my own feet (happens a lot)

Within this past year is when I’ve really found a love for writing and blogging. Generally I prefer to write about topics that I personally find interesting: such as music (R/B, hip-hop, soul, reggae), movies, social issues and some pop-culture. More recently though I did some interviews of students and faculty members at UIC and found a real interest in them and their relationship to Chicago, so I’d expect all of that in the Thursdays to come.

Now, because I don’t want to bore any of you by going on about random and pointless things about myself, I’m going to leave you guys with my favorite playlist at the moment and let that speak for itself.

Thanks for reading, catch me here every Thursday!

Clay ♥


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