Words by @Pot_ofGoldrick

Complacency is a sin when it comes to your musical library. Therefore, I will help everyone out by fulfilling my duty as an adequate blogger. Let’s start the rejuvenation process.

McKinley Dixon, like many who read this blog, is an average college student. He goes to Virginia Commonwealth University and likes the typical college things. However, he does one thing exceptionally well.

McKinley is a rapper, and he combines his innate, smooth flow with soulful beats. Haven’t heard of him? Don’t worry I got you on that front. Here are a few of his best songs from previous mixtapes:

The up and comer also has an innovative style when it comes to the dissemination of his music. Last year, it came in the form of a 17 hour drive from Virginia to Iowa to perform in a backyard for fellow college-goers. His payment? Free beer, food and a place for him and his trumpeter to sleep.

McKinley has a new album coming soon titled, “The Everyday People.” Here’s the teaser:

Breathe in the refreshing smell of new music, and make sure to get in on the ground floor so you can tell the bandwagoners, “Pssshhh I’ve been listening to him since ’15.”


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