The Front Bottoms

New Jersey indie rock outfit The Front Bottoms took the underground rock scene by storm back in 2013 with the release of their second studio album Talon of the Hawk, which found success in the depths of the internet led by the emotional single “Twin Size Mattress.” Lyrics from the song were plastered all over Twitter and Tumblr feeds, building a powerful and dedicated fanbase that has allowed the band to tour the world in the years since the albums release.

In June 2015, The Front Bottoms signed to the record label Fueled by Ramen (Paramore, twenty one pilots, Panic! at the Disco) under which they released their most recent record on September 18th of this year. The new record, titled Back on Top, takes the band in a more refined, professional direction.

Back on Top album art

The lead single off the album, “Help,” shows just how more polished this album sounds in comparison to its predecessors, with seamless transitions throughout. In similar fashion, lead singer Brian Sella seems to have found his own voice, drifting away from his past Tom Delong-esque croon that graced past records. These features are present throughout the whole record, but tracks like “West Virginia” and “Plastic Flowers” contain lyrics that read more like a poem than a song, a trait characteristic of TFB music, helping the band to maintain its originality and uniqueness.

As a whole, this album is noticeably different than the ones released before it, but the changes are improvements. Rock-star fame seems closer than ever before for this band, with its whole US tour selling out this fall, proving that old and new fans alike obviously approve of the band’s growth as a talented, up-and-coming artist.

Check out singles “Twin Size Mattress” and “Help” below:


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