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Deerhunter- Fading Frontier

Fading Frontier

For Deerhunter (a band obsessed with, well, obsession), Fading Frontier is a cool air on a bright morning after a funeral. Fading Frontier, the seventh album from the Atlanta indie rockers, is their most gleeful sounding work ever. The hazy nostalgia of 2010’s instant classic Halcyon Digest had hung over their heads for too long, and 2013’s fuzzy and rough Monomania was a complete allergic reaction to that perfect record. Fading Frontier is more in line with their earlier work, yet it is an altogether more breezy and, dare I say, pretty affair. The synths are clear as bells, the songs have a spring in their step, and I’ll be damned if Deerhunter has ever made a song as outright swaggering as “Snakeskin”.


Foxing- Dealer


Ladies and gentlemen, what will surely be the most overlooked record of the year. Dealer is Foxing’s second album and it only improves upon what made 2013’s The Albatross great. In removing some of the baroque flourish of their previous album, Dealer has opened a darker, more densely personal realm with which lead singer Conor Murphy takes a headfirst dive into. He begins singing not even 1 second into the album’s first song “Weave”, demanding close attention and a delicate ear. Murphy finds every little hideaway for the overwrought workings of intense romantic love, and the use of lenses both personal and spiritual give the album and his heartbreak the breadth and clarity they deserve, served over distant horns and the fragile sympathy of Jon Hellwig’s drums.


Van Morrison- Astral Weeks

October 1968 (Reissued Oct. 30, 2015)

Astral Weeks

If you’ll allow me to get a bit nostalgic here… I first heard this album years ago. When exactly I can’t remember, it was “in another time, in another place” as Van Morrison so eloquently sings on the title track. But what I do remember is something earthen and yet existing in a completely different sphere of reality. Astral Weeks weaves a world impossible to pin down, seemingly emerging from the Northern Irish woods with a wide-eyed romantic’s sight for the beauty in all facets of life’s bounty. The virgin beauty of “Beside You”, the not-so-virgin passion of “Madame George”, each song is a journey through the mysteries of life. And throughout all of this is Van the Man, with a voice so distinctly unique and astonishingly perfect, matching the music and words shot for shot. In a word, sublime.



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