Co-signed by Drake himself, Louisville artist Bryson Tiller is the future of the R&B genre. He was recently was offered to sign with Drake’s OVO label, however turned it down to sign a major deal with RCA Records. Through this deal he released his first album TRAPSOUL and it is one of my favorite albums of the year. The best part about Tillers music is he is able to combine trap beats with his vocals perfectly, so well that he has almost created his own music lane for himself. You can also tell he is an avid R&B fan as he samples classic tracks in various songs throughout his discography. If you like R&B or rap or both you need to check this guy out! Below are my favorite five songs by him so you can jump on the bandwagon because he’s about to blow up soon.


By far his most famous song and the one that caught Drake’s attention. He uses a lot of Houston sounds on the this and kills it.

Just Another Interlude

I knew I would love this song right away as he sampled Omarion’s classic “Bria’s Interlude” off Drake’s So Far Gone mixtape. This song is just all flames.


Probably one of Tiller’s smoothest songs off his new album and personally one of my favorites. The beat is crazy as he sampled the 90’s song Swing My Way.

Sorry Not Sorry

I think Tiller might have sampled the Street Fighter theme song on this, regardless the beat is fire. Tiller lyrics on this are hilarious also as he’s flexing hard on his ex.

How About Now (Freestyle)

This is the song I knew Tiller was something special, as not many people can do better then Drake on his own track but Tiller somehow did. He even references drake on it, saying to throw him on the remix.



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