Biebervelli, Bugatti Biebs, JB, whatever you call him he has grown up in front of the eyes of the music industry into a grown up superstar. Its often that kid artist are unable to crossover to adulthood in the industry (i.e. Aaron Carter) but Bieber was able to beat this curse and become an artist that everybody loves. He just released his new purpose album that exemplified how much he’s grown up in the past years and should propel him to new levels of stardom worldwide. However, this crossover into adulthood didn’t happen over night, as Biebervelli made some extremely smart moves the past few years to boost his career. Below  are the songs that I think played a huge part in his growing up and made him into an artist that is widely respected in music.

Right Here Feat. Drake

Although most of the songs of his Believe album were mostly made for his kid belieber audience, this song here was the start in the shift of his sound. In my opinion this was one his most grown up songs to date, as he recruited N***as in Paris & Clique producer Hit-Boy to make the beat for him giving the song a pop hip-hop vibe. Along with this, Drake hopped on this track in the start of his rise to success after his Take Care album  that dropped the year before. As a result, Bieber brought Drakes audience into the mix to hear his new sound and gain respect by music fans. However, this was just a preview of bigger things to come.


Over a year later Bieber dropped his first song since the release of Believe, coming back with a whole new sound. This sound was more grown up, real, and showcasing his vocals better. The song also had heavy elements of the modern R&B sound, showing that Bieber was now ready to grow up from his old “Somebody to Love Days”.

All That Matters

If you thought Heartbreaker was a fluke, Bieber came right back with another grown up song a week later that swept the internet. This time the song was highlighting Bieber’s vocal range even more and again carried heavy R&B influences appealing to the masses. The music video also shocked a lot of the music world as it showed Bieber a lot more grown and showing that he was far away from his bowl cut surfer look days.

Confident Feat. Chance The Rapper

Although Bieber’s Journals album was mostly R&B influenced he did release this song that exemplified a hip-hop pop song perfectly. This not only was one of Bieber’s first pop songs you didn’t have to feel embarrassed about listening too, he also recruited Chance the Rapper to feature on it. This was by far one of the best moves of Bieber’s career, as Chance had just released the critically acclaimed mixtape Acid Rap and exposed the new Bieber to his huge following of fans who would never dream of listening to his songs.

Foreign Remix – Trey Songz feat. Justin Bieber

Whenever you choose to feature on a Trey Songz song you know you have grown up from a kid artist, as most of Trey’s music is highly provocative. Bieber kills his verse and showed he could do a Pop R&B song perfectly. He also continued to expand his brand as this song exposed Bugatti Biebs to Trey Songz audience, showing Bieber was in fact grown up now.

Where Are You Now 

This was not only was one of Biebers most successful songs, it also exposed him to the huge EDM fanbase hopping on a song with Skrillex and Diplo. “Where Are You Now” showed how far Bieber had come in the past years and that he could basically adjust to any song style and do it perfectly. His lyrics this are also a lot more mature and paved the way for Bieber to eventually showcase new sound in the next few months with the What Do You Mean? Single.

Maria I’m Drunk

As a Travis Scott fan I never expected this collaboration to happen, but this was a genius move by Bieber. Not only was his verse fire, he exposed himself to a new audience never reached before with the new underground rap fans of Young Thug and Travis Scott. The beat is also nothing ever before heard from Bieber, being that is so dark and eerie again displaying how versatile Biebervelli has become in the past years.


Purpose Album

All of this momentum led JB to release his most diverse album ever this past week and officially solidifying the new grown up Bieber. This album has so many sounds and influences from Mark My Words that showcase his vocals to I’ll Show You that is a whole new sound of EDM and R&B together. He even perfected pop hits on this with songs such as Sorry and What Do You Mean. Not to mention that he somehow got a Nas feature on his album, Crazy! Overall, this album solidifies that Bieber is a cool artist in society now and has transformed into one of musics most versitle artists right in front of our eyes. Hop on the bandwagon, We may be seeing our generation Justin Timberlake evolve in front of us.

That concludes this edition of The Standouts, for more regular updates on new music like the Facebook Page or follow the twitter account. You can also follow me personally @LFH25. See you next week.



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