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We all have songs… blast from the past, that we know and love. A remix is always a dope way to breathe new life in to a song that holds meaning, and help to carry on. Electronic dance music DJ/Producer Adam K, by way of Toronto, Canada, has done just that! Bringing you a new remix to a track that he himself personally loves, and does it justice! Chicago’s own Steve “Silk” Hurley’s house music classic “The Word Is Love” is back, with a fresh sound and sure to be in rotation, and keeping you on the dance floor!

I got a chance to catch up with Adam K, check the interview below.

B Roc -What made you choose to remix the single “The Word Is Love”?
Adam K – I remixed “The Word is Love” because it’s my all time favorite house record as I’ve been listening to that song since I was a kid.  When my manager told me he knew Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley and the S&S guys and could get me the vocals, I  was like…. ummmm yaaa set it up!!!

B Roc – How did you get started in music?
Adam K – My brother taught me to how to play drums right before junior high school as he didn’t want me to get stuck playing the flute. (laughs)

B Roc – Tell us something about you as a DJ/Producer, that you want us to know. 
Adam K – I had to think about that for a second.  Everything you see about me is 100% real… no fake followers, friends, fake plays, fake likes. All real, what you see is what you get. Organic Adam. Oh!… and I like rock music too!

B Roc – Who are some of your musical influences, and why?  
Adam K – Neil Young, Pink Floyd, Hendrix, and deadmau5. Neil because he’s Canadian and such a brilliant lyricist. Pink Floyd literally taught me what a synthesizer was. Hendrix … well just because. And deadmau5 because he doesn’t give a fuck, even if he is a total douche bag sometimes.

B Roc – What do you hope the fans get from your music?
Adam K – Well, that’s a pretty broad question as I do a lot of music. I’ll say for this song specifically, I hope they see the magic in that vocal. It’s special and needs to be heard and perhaps for an audience that’s not familiar with the timeless original.

Here’s the music video to a version of the original track by Steve “Silk” Hurley’s “The Word Is Love.”

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