This past weekend I attended an event at the IRIDIUM clothing store in Wicker Park, 1330 N Milwaukee Ave (they also have another location: 108 N State St)

The event featured 8 Chicago artists including Alp Seyrekbasan, Awkh, Mikey Joyce, Taylor Effin Cleveland, Young Mogul, Chi, Spade Gucci, and Torrence Lamont.

Although the night ended early due to sound issues the crowd still got time to see almost half of the performances that were supposed to go on that night.

One artist in particular stood out from the rest, Jinx The Natural.  

Sound Cloud: @jinxthenatural
Twitter: @jinxthenatural
Instagram: @Jinxthenatural
Youtube: @Jinx The Natural

The images above were taken during his performance of his current most played song Holy Water, from his mixtape GMBC (Gods Must Be Crazy) shared below.

Jinx has an original sound and style that can’t be copied. His personality on stage gives off an incomparable energy that shows just how passionate he is. Hanging from the ceiling, legs kicking in the air, there’s really no one like him.

His latest mixtape, You’re A Natural, showcases more of Jinx’s unmatched authenticity with songs like So Long, All Eyes on Me, and Better Know.

If I were you I’d make sure to listen and follow before he takes off. As well as to keep an eye out for any future projects or performances.

Sound Cloud: @jinxthenatural
Twitter: @jinxthenatural
Instagram: @Jinxthenatural
Youtube: @Jinx The Natural

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