allen-300x200picThe Dr. Paula Show is a new radio show hosted by Dr. Paula Allen-Meares, UIC Chancellor Emerita, Professor of Medicine, and Executive Director of the Office of Health Literacy. The Dr. Paula Show will showcase the excellent work that is being done by our faculty, as well as around the country, to promote health literacy, wellness, prevent chronic disease and reduce health disparities.

Health Literacy is the degree to which individuals have the capacity to obtain, process, and understand basic health information and services needed to make appropriate health decisions. It goes beyond health education and individual behavior-oriented communication, addressing the environmental, political, and social factors that determine health.


The first Dr. Paula Show will air on Tuesday, December 8th, at 10:15am and will feature Rachel Caskey, MD, MAPP. Dr. Caskey will discuss her work to improve HPV vaccination rates for low-income minority youth. You can read Dr. Caskey’s bio below.

Do you have an idea for a Dr. Paula Show topic? Is there someone you would like to hear interviewed on the topic of health literacy? Share you suggestions with us!

Dr. Caskey is an Associate Professor of InternaRachel N. Caskey MD photol Medicine and Pediatrics at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) College of Medicine and School of Public Health.  She is board certified in both pediatrics and internal medicine and is a primary care provider for all ages.  Dr. Caskey is the interim Chief of the Division of Academic General Internal Medicine and Geriatrics at UIC.  She is a health services researcher and her research focuses on investigating novel mechanisms to positively impact and incentivize health behaviors which result in improved health outcomes, streamlined healthcare systems and cost savings.  Her recent projects include efforts to improve adolescent HPV vaccination rates; studying alternate HPV vaccine delivery mechanisms (including school-located delivery) to improve adolescent vaccination and exploring ways to improve the use of effective contraception among women.  Dr. Caskey has an appointment at UIC’s school of public health in the division of maternal child health and is a member of the UIC Cancer Center where she collaborates on efforts to reduce the incidence of cervical cancer.  She is a long-standing member of the UIC Collaborative for Excellence in Interprofessional Education which focuses on incorporating interprofessional education into the curriculum for all health professional students.



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