Earlier this month, I attended Communion Residency Chicago: a showcase of the best new and upcoming music, at Chicago’s very own Schubas bar and music venue.

The Communion tour started off in London in 2006, and was founded by Ben Lovett of Mumford and Sons, Kev Jones of Bear’s Den, and producer Ian Grimble. From there, the monthly live music night became a welcoming place for music lovers and artists to gather in celebration of music. The monthly show transformed further as it grew into a record label and publisher, as well as expanding its monthly shows to cities all over the UK and US.


With Thanksgiving coming up, the feeling of coming together was strong at this event. I attended several large shows the past couple of months, so returning to the small, cozy venue was very welcoming to me.

I was able to interview the two main acts of the show: Minor Characters, and AudioDamn!.

Minor Characters is comprised of Chicago natives Andrew Pelletier, Shelby Pollard, Adam Wayne, and James Ratke. The band describes their sound as growing from indie pop to a more folk-indie rock. They officially created Minor Characters in 2011 and have since released 3 LPs, and they find influence in some of their favorite bands such as The War On Drugs and Wilco. Check out the rest of the interview below:

The second act, AudioDamn!, comes all the way from Germany. The members Oliver Wimmer and Ali Grumeth met through playing in previous bands together, and were later joined by their friend Daniel Mudrack. Their sound is described as soul and rock with a “rock and pop attitude.” Their interview can also be heard here:

Communion will return to Chicago again next month on Wednesday the 16th. If you want to get in on the best upcoming music with your fellow music lovers, be sure to find event and ticket information here!


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