Chicago Only.

Towkio, headlining his own show, is part of the SAVEMONEY collective (front lined by Chance the Rapper and Vic Mensa.) He has joined Chance The Rapper on his Family Matters tour along with Metro Boomin performing around the United States at different cities and venues.


Towkio’s show took place last Saturday on November 28th, 2015 for the Thanksgiving Weekend at the Metro. Towkio recruits Lucki Ecks and the SAVEMONEY Collective to join him for the evening. These talented Chicago natives continue to push through the music scene as they emerge into the ranks of hip-hop in their own lane.

Lucki Ecks opened up the show with “Lowlife” by coming out with his signature style with a slow energy and “xanax-flow” tied into the trap hip-hop instrumentals to which he calls Alternative Trap. The crowd is feeling the music as they sway and bump to the Lucki Ecks flow.

SAVEMONEY Collective members Brian Fresco, Caleb James, and Leather Cordoruys (Joey Purp and Kami de Chukwu duo) follow up soon after with songs like

The crowd knows these two songs from the Leather Corduroys as the dynamic duo Joey Purp and Kami go verse for verse while the crowd goes word for word along with them. They continue to push the energy through the roof with a roaring wave of sound as they viciously pump up the audience. The crowd kept swaying, jumping, and pushing from left to the right. I eventually lost my shoe in the mess of it all and fought for my leg and arm to get my shoe back, haha.

Nonetheless, Towkio came out in the smoothest way possible by gliding onto the stage and opening up with his intro song “.Wav Theory”  which is a mellow digitalized beat with soft lyrics under his mixtape called .WAV Theory. Its a great intro song and builds for the foundation of the mixtape. He continues to run through the playlist of .WAV Theory by following a couple tracks like “Reflection”“Involved”, “Break You Off” and God in Me.” Soon after, Towkio goes to play some of his older stuff like “World Turnin” with Joey Purp.

You know what happens after they play the old jams, right? Nothing usually but Towkio played some new unreleased tracks at his show only for those who attended! Safe to say, they are definitely hot so stay tuned for those. He brought out the rest of the SAVEMONEY Collective out to the stage to propel the energy beyond anything I have ever seen. The stage was filled from left to right leaving little to no room for anything else but SAVEMONEY themselves. Rocking the stage like they know how to, they grab bottles of water and throw it out into the crowd as you see the front line of the crowd get soaked.

Towkio finishing his track closes out with a goodbye to the crowd, leaving the crowd only chanting  “Towkio!” for more because they all knew he had one more song left to play. A few minutes later, Towkio speaks on the mic and says, “You know I got one more song to play for yall, lets go!” and comes bursting back onto the stage.

Towkio closes out with Heaven Only Knows” featuring his SAVEMONEY collective member Chance the Rapper, Lido, and Eryn Allen Kane. In my opinion, this song is the embodiment of Towkio’s sound because we get a taste of his experimental rap, the jazz, the soul and everything else in between. Take a listen below, you won’t regret it. It’s one of my favorite songs.

Be sure to check out more of Towkio’s music on his Soundcloud and catch a ticket to his performance soon!

Thanks for tuning in this Sunday. I’ll be going out of town this Thursday to Europe so my blogs might switch up. Either way, I guarantee that it will be a good read. Stay classy and stay warm this winter break!

Johnny Fan signing out, PEACE!

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