This time of year everybody is making lists of the their favorite songs of the year but nobody is highlighting songs that go under the radar. Don’t worry I got you, as I came up with a list of 10 songs that need recognition and should not be forgotten in 2015.

Honorable Mention: 

Quik Groove – The Game feat. DJ Quik

DJ Quik is classic West Coast R&B hip-hop and has been in and out of the game since his reign in the 90’s. Luckily the Game brought him back, for his highly underrated album Documentary 2.5. This song is so smooth and overall has a great west coast vibe check it out!

10. Jukebox Joints- A$AP Rocky feat. Kanye West

A$AP Rocky’s album dropped in June and has been one of my favorites to come out in all of 2015. Although songs such as Everyday & L$D got more attention, this one slide under the radar as one of my favorites off the project. Kanye snaps on the production and his verse is also hilarious. Listen below!

9. Pronto – Freddie Gibbs

Freddie Gibbs has always been one of the most underrated rappers for years. This song was the opening track of his awesome 3 song Pronto EP. This track is straight fire and shouldn’t be forgotten in 2015.

8. Familiar – Social Experiment feat. King Louie & Quavo

This one comes off one of the best projects of the year, Surf by Social Experiment. On Paper this collaboration makes no sense, but it came together perfectly as each rapper does their thing.

7. Clubhouse – Mac Miller 

I’m not the biggest Mac Miller fan, but this song is great off his album GO:OD AM. The music video is a little weird though, but also pretty hilarious.

6. Good Intentions – Disclosure feat. Miguel 

Although Disclosure’s album was full of star-studded guests, this one flew under the radar but was one of my favorites. I really hope this song blows up because this track is executed to near perfection.

5. Oui – Jeremih

Mark my words this song is gonna be huge in 2016. Jeremih delivered one of my favorite albums out of nowhere in December and this was one of the highlights. Check it Out!

4. Exchange – Bryson Tiller

Bryson Tiller is my rookie of the year for 2015 as he dropped an awesome album with TRAPSOUL this past fall. He already has his hit song “Don’t” out and I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the next one to blow up.

3. Girl – The Internet

The Internet has had some great songs the past years that I’ve liked, however this one is by far my favorite of anything they’ve ever released. I love the beat on this and the choras is so catching you’ll have it stuck in your head for days.

2. Oh My / Dis Side – Travi$ Scott feat. Quavo

This song is literally ridiculous, the production, the lyrics, and the chorus are all so on point. The first half of the track is too hype, then travis flips the beat perfectly for a more feel good song. Quavo compliments this track perfectly providing the hype on the first part then smoothness on the second part. Check it out, also check out when its performed live. Travis Scott is crazy! Going to his concert will be on my bucket list for 2016.

1. Easy Bake – Jay Rock – Featuring Kendrick Lamar & SZA

Jay Rock is easily the most underrated rappers of the TDE group and he dropped a great album this year with 90059. This was one of my favorites off it and my most underrated song of the year. This song has so many dope parts to it from Kendrick and Jay Rock sharing bars together, to the second half of the song with SZA singing. Check it out!

That concludes this edition of The Standouts, for more regular updates on new music like the Facebook Page or follow the twitter account. You can also follow me personally @LFH25.




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