CHICAGO, IL – On December 27th the third annual OreoFest stormed into Portage Theatre for what was to be the best OreoFest to come. For those who may not know OreoFest is musical showcase curated by DJ Oreo most notable for his work with Chance The Rapper and Vic Mensa of Save Money. The Redbull and BreadnButter sponsored event was primed for battle as Metro Boomin and DJ Oreo faced off.

While attending OreoFest it became easy to conclude that without a doubt this event is becoming that must-see event in Chicago. If you were present you were able to rub shoulders with your favorite fashion designers, tastemakers, and reality tv stars. Its just a great place to be if you love the young and vibrant musical culture of Chicago. Although, they didn’t hit the stage you could see artists such as YP, Dreezy, members of The SOX Experiment, Treated Crew, and Save Money sprinkled through the building. Goes without saying but if you weren’t at OreoFest you likely missed out on one of the best and most diverse hip-hop lineups of the past year. From established artists like Rockie Fresh, Katie Got Bandz, and Lil Durk to rising talent like Martin $ky, Towkio, Sicko Mobb, Z-Money, and a slew of others. The who’s who of the Chicago hip-hop scene blessed the stage that night.

Now for those not familiar with the Chicago music scene grabbing Lil Durk for a performance in his hometown may not appear to be much of a feat or accomplishment and that is understandable. Because it’s not rare to see a Migos performance in ATL, or catch a Joey Badass show while in NY. Whereas, in Chicago a Durk performance is a rare event mainly due to the early tension between club venues, CPD (who flanked the stage upon Durk’s arrival) and the initial flag bearers of “the drill movement.” Yet and still, Durk’s performance went off without a hitch as he performed “Bang Bros” and capped off the night with Metro and Oreo as Chief Keef’s “Faneto” vibrated throughout the building.

The only question I was left with after this event was…how the hell you gonna top this Oreo?!?   

Photo credit: Omar773

Shouts to Briahna Gatlin and the staff Swank PR!


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