If you know me I’m always down to support dope shows around Chicago. This is definitely one of them as Jacolyn Carrasco (Juicy Jackie) is putting on a dope art show from some of the best artists around the city. She’s worked as a model, actress, and a music blogger around the city. Through her extensive study of the art, music, and entertainment industry, she’s met some amazing artists along the way. As a result, she wanted to help by creating a platform for some of these artists to bring their vision to life.

She picked a few of her favorite artists, most who have only shown their work online, so it will definitely be a treat to see it first hand. The idea behind the show is that all of the under appreciated creatives have somewhere to create and show their work to the public. The show will feature paintings, drawings, and photography, along with live performances and even a short film. This event is gonna be awesome, and I will for sure be in attendance to see this. Best part about it all is that its FREE admission and will have FREE drinks. Now you have no excuse not to come out and support next weekend. Below is the event info and artists featured, check it out!


Event Info:

For the Creatives Presented by Juicy Jackie

Location: The Chicago Art Department 

1932 S. Halsted #100 Chicago, IL 60608

Date & Time: January 23rd, 2016. 6-11pm 

Artists Featured at the event will be the following:

Glenda Lisette on instagram: @GlendaLissette

Glamour Girl on instagram: @glamourgirl_Fr

Xack Leard on Instagram: @xackleard_

Trav Cuellar; IG- @designedbytrav

Issic Pike;  IG @cognescere

Fuckeveryoneelse IG @fuckeveryoneelse


Alan Versuszhang- IG: @Alanversuszhang

Bryant Giles- IG; @bryantdgiles 

Sounds by:

Stefan Ponce DJing- IG @STEFANPONCE

Vanilla Space Djing- IG@ VanillaSpace


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