‘Tis the season of premiers and one of my favorite reality shows is finally back, Mob Wives! This show is about the lives of the wives and daughters of men who are associated in organized crime in New York, and these ladies are full out gangster. There is no time for foolishness, if they don’t like you, you’re most likely going to be punch in the face, or they will put you on your hands and knees looking for your hair extensions. These women don’t mess around. This is the sixth and final season of this show, and I recommend everyone who loves binge watching to dedicate their time to this show.


When I found this show 5 years ago, I was hooked. I loved everything about it. I have an obsession with researching organized crime and learning about the gangsters involved. I love learning about their lifestyle and what they did and how they had New York in the palm of their hands. The most notorious crime group is the Gambino Crime family led by head boss John Gotti, and his partner, underboss Sammy “The Bull” Gravano. The Bull’s daughter Karen Gravano is one of the stars on the show. The women in this show talk about their lifestyles, and how they have to deal with their husbands being on parole or in jail, but when you watch the show, you think they’re the ones who belong in jail. All they do is make threats and beat each other up. It’s crazy and I love it! They say things like “I’ll ring her neck” and “I’ll tie an anchor around her feet and throw her in the Hudson”! Crazy right? What I love is when they act all tough and crazy, but they’ll say, “we’re women, we cross our legs not kick others with them”. Then, when someone makes them mad, their lady like manners go out the window.

I’m so sad this is the last season of this show. These women are so entertaining and I think they are so cool. I love their attitudes and I love their confidence. I love how they have the same mind set that the gangsters in the movies have. Loyalty and respect, if that’s not there, you’re not in their life, period. These women are crazy, but I’m going to miss them, especially because of their funny quotes. My personal favorite quote said by lady Drita,”Haters are like crickets, they chirp all day long until you go up to them, then they shut the f***k up.” I’m going to miss you ladies, I’ll be watching the finale with popcorn and a box of tissues.


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