Howdy y’all, it’s Joaquin, aka 13lacula… your friendly neighborhood 0cto5quid.


Professor Harris Saunders, the musicologist from UIC’s stellar Music Department joined us on UIC Radio, on the flagship project known as Wardens Midwest. Every month we bring in the very best of Chicago’s producers and go through the motions.

We give each artist a single track, and an hour to blend, mix, chop, remix, screw, splice, sample it into something of their own styling. This month, we chose Ut Queant Laxis for our producers. Our three producers this month are ∆ M A C H O B E A T Z ∆, The Color Army, and Hennibrown.

I asked Professor Saunders about his work on and off campus. The interview led up to an exclusive producer showcase session.



My boney butt accidentally stopped recording and did not pick up his comments on the tracks. =/


Listen to the interview here; ask the Professor what he thought of the tracks in person.


Here’s a bomb-@55 picture instead.





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