“So, you know in horror movies when the girl’s like, ‘Oh, my God. There’s something in the basement. Let me just run down there in my underwear and see what’s going on, in the dark.’ And you’re like, ‘What is your problem? Call the police.’ And she’s like, ‘Okay,’ but it’s too late, because she’s already getting murdered. Well, uh, my story’s kind of like that.” – Jessica Day, New Girl 

Minus the horror movie cliché, I felt a lot like Zooey Deschanel’s character when moving to Chicago this past week. A new city, new roommates (who, y’know, could potentially be psycho), and a new campus to explore.

Growing up in the ‘burbs of Orland Park equipped me with the finest tools for getting around in the city: directionally challenged, heavily reliant on GPS navigation, and
painfully oblivious on how to read a bus schedule. Oh yeah, totally prepared.

To spare you the details, the photo below is a perfect representation of how well I managed to navigate through my first week of classes at UIC.

new girl 2
New Girl Season 1, Episode 1 – Jessica Day


But I survived! And I’m extremely excited to continue my education as a sophomore at UIC, studying Communications with a minor in English,  and I look forward to exploring my surroundings.

In an effort for us to connect, I’d like to make this first blog to allow you, the readers, to get to know me personally.

My name is Katerina, I was born in Athens, Greece and raised in a quaint, old-world village called Peristéri (peh-ree-STEH-ree), just thirty minutes south of Sparta. The beach was my backyard and the mountains were my playground.

Greek Mountains
View from the monastery of Elona between Kosmas and Leonidon, Peloponnese, Greece  – Original Photography

My family and I moved to Illinois in the year 2000, and though I have assimilated quite nicely into American culture, I still have a very strong connection with my Greek roots.

I’m extremely passionate about music, artisan cheeses, and well, food in general.

Other interests include: animated TV shows, web comics, POP Pilates, vidya games, and following internet famous animals on Instagram.

I’ll be posting weekly, primarily covering topics such as: my adventures in food as I traverse Chicago, album reviews/musicians on the rise, and other interesting pop culture phenomena.

Let me know in the comments below what you would like me to write about for next week’s post and follow me on Instagram to keep up with my adventures in the Windy City!



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