Hoodie Allen is a man of the people. I think that is one of my favorite things about him as an artist. Sure I love listening to his music, and I’m always excited to hear any new songs he releases, but his ability to connect to his fans like few other artists can is amazing. Though honestly even if Hoodie didn’t have this amazing connection with his audience I would still be a huge fan because his music is just that great.

Hoodie graduated college with a degree in finance, and marketing, and found a job at Google. Yet he found him unsatisfied with his plight in life, and chose to work on a career in music. The first Hoodie Allen song I listened to was No Interruption. I was still a young child, just a senior in high school, with such little knowledge of the world, but I did know one thing, that this song was fire. His mix of rap, and catchy pop beat make for a amazing tune.

Hoodie Allen has a wide range of music, from his mixtape Crew Cuts, to his EP All American. Hoodie has been dropping a lot of music for some time now. He most recently dropped his album People Keep Talking in 2014.

Which brings me to why I’m writing this article, Hoodie has just announced that he is releasing a new album, Happy Camper on the 22nd of this month, and I am so excited, and I want you to be excited too. The best thing about this album, is that its free. And honestly as broke college students we can’t afford to turn down free quality music. So that you can check out his music, and get updates on the new album there are links for his sound cloud and twitter at the bottom.



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