The Golden State Warriors faced their biggest test yesterday, as they played the second best team in the NBA, the San Antonio Spurs. Both teams are having amazing seasons, as this matchup had two teams with the best combined winning percentages through 40 games. Some would even say that this was the biggest NBA regular season game ever. So yeah this game was pretty monumental.

This game was kind of like a test for the teams that seem most likely to be the champion at the end of the season. Fans have had this game circled ever since both teams have ran of the gate dominating every other team they played. Most expected a tough game with extreme completion. But that really didn’t happen.

Golden Sate dominated this game, and their leader Steph Curry showed the league just how unstoppable he can be. The Spurs could not find a way to stop him, and he ended the game have scored 37 points without even playing the fourth quarter. Steph didn’t play the fourth quarter because the huge margin of victory. They won by 30.

Though playoffs are a long way ahead, and a lot of things can change from now and then, the Warrior’s victory yesterday has to have their fans at high levels of optimism.

Also here’s a vine of  last year’s defensive player of the year Kawhi Leonard trying to play defense on Steph Curry.


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