Howdy y’all, it’s 13lacula the 0cto5quid. This week we had Ur Girl Pearl co-host our Friday night show with Professor Yayoi Uno Everett guest starring. Professor Everett was born in  Yokohama, Japan and is now on her second year here at UIC teaching music theory. She tells us that she is a big fan of rap music and enjoys going to concerts! We played some Japanese music then moved to other east Asian countries.

We were joined by our featured guests theWhoevers and LEOCEAN about halfway into the interview. theWhoevers is the Chicago Hip Hop / RnB duo formed by DotKom and J.Arthur. Their blend of bubbly beats and 5oul-tronic vocals grants them on my personal best lists.  LEOCEAN creates electronic music; her choiced percussion she 4lips any sample to fit the texture of her otherworldy pads.

Afterwords, I was rapping some lyrics to a new beat I made titled 13lack 5word. It’s about the robot who finds a powerful weapon that he uses on his quest! Then a random harmonica special from 13lacula’s first project 5PACE7RAP

We’re so glad they came thru and showed us some love!

13lacula x 0ctosquid x theWhoevers x LEOCEON collab coming late summer guise!

Stay tuned!




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