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The weekend before last I was lucky enough to experience Cousin Stizz live in Wicker Park.

Although he came all the way from Boston, when he stepped onto the the stage you would’ve thought he was at home. The crowd knew every song and never stood still.  Surrounded by colliding bodies and lyrics screamed on both sides of you, you couldn’t help but vibe with him. His name will definitely “ring some bells” next time he’s in Chicago.

Checkout his latest music video for No Bells


Even though the crowd was wild, Stizz’s music has a slightly slowed tone to it. This is relevant in his most recent mixtape Suffolk County (a must listen to for any hip hop fan). Popular tracks like Fresh Prince and Shoutout (cosigned by Drake) illustrate his hypnotic sound.  And while he incorporates beats from various different producers, his sound is consistent throughout the tape.

Specific songs like Real Life and Fed Up stick out to me. Lyrics like, “They dont understand what we be rappin’ about, real life.” and “Meanwhile on the block n***** dropping like flies / Streets always at war man ain’t nowhere you can hide” show that his music is his story book. Be sure to not only enjoy the music when you listen (which isn’t hard) but to really listen to his words. He’s telling you something.



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