Here are 3 tunes from me to you and yours for this lovely “holiday.”

1) From Chicago’s very own, Monte Booker and Ravyn Lenae have been making a storm with their collective, “Zero Fatigue.” Monte Booker’s production that blends hip-hop, soul, r&b with melodic electronic twists that are crisp is truly a taste of its own. You’ll know what I mean once you take a listen to it. Ravyn Lenae’s soft touch of vocals compliment the track hand in hand.


2) Another Chicago’s favorite and frequenter, SPZRKT has been making headlines with a melody truly catered to a singing that produces a vibing experience. A voice, smoother than butter, with a sound that continues to challenge how music “should” sound will be a treat to your ears. Love cannot be seen but it can be felt. “You’re so beautiful, a blind man can love you.”

Photo by @johnnyfan 


3) From the Bay Area, Anderson .Paak is making waves with his new album, Malibu. Although, I can’t exactly categorize this as a love tune – the mellow vibe and soothing production will probably make you fall in love. Not sure. But, I guarantee that you’ll be digging this hit.


Thank you ALL for reading. The photography post will come soon, I just had to drop some tunes for this lovely day that was manufactured by corporations, haha. This is Johnny Fan, signing out.

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