Experiencing this young woman’s voice in person was captivating. She stood on stage with her eyes closed, singing in a soft raspy voice, swaying to the soulful tunes of her guitarist in the background.  Her entire persona was illuminated when she held that mic. Even after following some high energy rappers, she was able to capture the crowds interest through her passionate lyrics.

Her most recent song and her first solo single, Father Time, has reached more than 25k plays on SoundCloud.

Available on iTunes and Apple Music

My personal favorite song of her’s, Open Letter, depicts the hearts of youth in Chicago as well as her personal life challenges. She quotes in the description,

“1 year ago today I failed at a suicide attempt. Im still here. This is my open letter, Im only getting better…”

This young woman isn’t only a singer, she’s a visual artist and has done work directing music videos. Her first piece of work was a year ago for her song Motel 6. 

On her blog, when asked if music was her deepest passion she simply responded, “Creating is.”

I think that is the best way to define an artist like Jean. Not a singer, not a musician, not a music video directer, but a creator.

At 20 years old, Jean Deaux is an inspiration to female artists everywhere. Not only does she express herself fearlessly, within a music scene she claims “is a liiiiittle mysogynistic,”  she also uses her social media platforms, as well as her art, to speak out against injustice and inequality. She is proud of herself and her roots, which is very admirable. Women everywhere can look to her story for guidance.


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