I’ve been getting more and more into fashion lately. I mean, I’ve always liked clothes and shopping, but now I’ve taken an interest in designers and high fashion. Luckily, we are in the mist of Fashion Week season, so there’s an abundance of clothes to see and articles to read. New York Fashion Week has passed, and I liked some of the collections, runway productions and presentations. But in my opinion, London Fashion Week took the cake.

Iconic brands like Alexander McQueen and Burberry presented long-awaited fall/winter collections, but my favorite was Ashish. Created by Indian designer Ashish Gupta, Ashish is known for its craftsmanship, sequins and mixing of clothing types. This time around, the designer opted for vibrant color-coordinated outfits with sequins and sparkles galore.

Ashish Fashion Show, Ready To Wear Collection Fall Winter 2016 in London
Model wearing Ashish at LFW

The wigs take the runway show to another level. Catwalks tend to be sullen and serious, with emphasis on hard angles and harsh lighting. Ashish does the opposite, and even the models can’t help but crack smiles while balancing the cotton candy clouds on their heads.

Runway model wearing Ashish at LFW

To see all of the looks, watch the full runway video below.

If you like these pieces, you’ll probably enjoy his previous collections, as well. Ashish made my favorite spring/summer 2016 collection, complete with hair confetti and models on skateboards. You can check out past Ashish collections here.

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