What’s done is done, and it is very upsetting. On Monday the show Mob Wives aired its final episode and it was filled with happiness, sadness, and anger. I have been watching Mob Wives since the first episode aired six years ago and if you have followed my past blogs, you can see I’m a loyal fan to the show. This series finale was a great ending to the great show but also a bit of a disappointment to me.


In the first season the show followed four women who’s families have been involved in “the mob.” We watched as they remembered their luxurious lives and how they were always taken care of, but then see them suffer from their family members mistakes. In season six, we are still watching the same four women, plus one more new addition who joined in the second season, Big Ang (may she rest in peace), as they try to mend their relationships with each other. Almost all of them were against Drita over some “he said she said” rumors. Now Drita is someone you don’t want to get mad, she has no problem fighting anyone, especially these women. The show ended with her fighting with Karen, someone she has had a rocky relationship with throughout the entire show. They have been on and off as friends, but this time, it’s over, no turning back. I was upset about this because I hate when someone is against Drita, even though she can overreact sometimes, she is one of the realist ones on the show. It is sad to see the other women couldn’t realize that as well.

The show ended with a follow up of the women two months after the cameras stopped rolling, and nothing seemed to change, no one except for Big Ang was talking to Drita. It was a disappointment for me because I like to see them all together, they had a lot of fun together and were fun to watch. Another part of the finale that broke my heart was when Big Ang gave an update about her stage 4 brain and lung cancer, and told the camera, “They said cancer will kick your a**, well it ain’t going to kick mine.” Unfortunately, she passed after that last interview. I am truly going to miss these women, and I am going to take their advice on being loyal and enjoying life. I wish some things changed on the show, but like the last episodes title said, what’s done is done.


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