This summer the first R-rated animated movie will finally hit theaters, and trust me, it is not suitable for children. This movie starring the very funny comedian Seth Rogan is titled Sausage Party and follows the lives of food that is being taken to a human home where they will be loved and cared for. What they do not know is that humans actually eat the food. From the sneak peak of the trailer, I can already tell this movie will be a hit.


This movie follows the lives of food that live in a grocery store and dream of being chosen by “loving humans”.When a group of foods such as hots dogs, buns (seen in the picture above), potatoes, baby carrots, and other casual food items you would find at the grocery store are bought they are filled with excitement for their new beginning. When they are taken to the house the human picks up a potato and as the other foods watch their friend be blessed by their caretaker the human then starts to peel the potato and the potato begins to scream in pain. The other foods are horrified as they watch their friend perish and the potato begins to curse and scream bloody murder (this is the part where children should leave the room). They watch as the human eats baby carrots and one of the hot dogs exclaims “She’s eating children! F***ing children!” They realize that being bought from the grocery store is a terrible thing and this is where food goes to die and they make it their mission to go tell their fellow foods at the grocery store to warn them about these horrific events.

From the looks at this movie I think it will be a hit. Knowing that Seth Rogan is behind all of this, there will be no doubt be involvement of dirty jokes, drugs, and a lot of cursing. Personally I enjoy what some people may call “stupid humor” and this movie has tons of it. This movie has a strange plot but it can work and as E! Online has said, “It is the adult version of Toy Story but with the focus of food.” I am very excited to see this movie, but I know after I watch it, I will have a different view on food and will probably feel some guilt before eating any food.


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