Coming into this season the Chicago Bulls were considered the second best team in the Eastern Conference, only behind LeBron and his Cleveland Cavaliers. The Bulls’ talent held up with this argument, Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler gave us a great backcourt, and Pau Gasol was balling like he hadn’t been for years. With the growth of Jimmy and the comeback of Rose, fans were starting to believe that we were going back to the ways of the 2010 Bulls team.

This hasn’t been the case though. The Bulls are tied with the Detroit Pistons for the eighth spot in the East. Barley continuing their fight to get into the playoffs. This season has been nothing but a disappointment to the Bulls organization, and the Bulls fans. As the season continues questions around the team are rising quicker and quicker. Our hiring of Holberg as head coach for this season is looking questionable. Joakim Noah looks like a shell of his former defensive player of the year. Derrick is still trying to find his stride. Our young players haven’t developed like hoped.

Basically this season the Bulls have gone from contender to a mess. Hopefully something will change, because it seems like there will be changes for next season, and we will be seeing a quite different Bulls team next season.


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