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Last month Distortedd, or Zahira Santana, hosted an art party at Irdium Clothing Co. in Wicker Park. As she used the event to showcase her work as well as give local Chicago artists a chance to show theirs. This included musicians, other visual artists, pastry bakers, and even reptile tamers (there were people walking around with snacks and lizards like it was nothing).

Distortedd’s pieces depict an urban/street wear style with her own unique animations.  Most of the work she showed consisted of trippy twists of her favorite movies and cartoons including Menace 2 Society, Rugratz, and Dragon Ball Z.




When asked how she started animating she told VanGirls, “I’m a cartoon maniac. I started animating a year ago because I was curious as to how my art would be if it were to come alive. Like a mad scientist, I started making my art make small movements, then I moved along to making mini 15 second videos out of them, now I’m making full length videos.”

Shop her art here

If her art isn’t cool enough for you, try spending just two hours in the same room as her. At only about 5 foot, Distortedd might be one of the sweetest, most down to earth girls I’ve ever been around. She spent the whole night dancing, laughing, and talking with all of the people who came to support her. Not only that, but she was sure to show her support to the other artists there. Her and her art are truly one of a kind.



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