It has finally happened, the Kardashians have taken over Snapchat. Recently Kim Kardashian downloaded the beloved app and is now using on a daily basis, not long after, she recruited her older sister Kourtney Kardashian to join her in this takeover as well. This has been a huge window for them to connect with their fan base and promote their show, makeup and hair line, and of course a greater access to gain more followers.


This whole Snapchat takeover began with their little sister, Kylie Jenner. Kylie was the first of the family to dominate Snapchat and has featured her family members in it as well. Kylie is very smart when it comes to keeping her fans still interested in her. She frequently makes “stories”, using her famous family members for these Snapchat dramas. Members such as Kanye, Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Caitlyn, and her group of friends as well. She has gained a lot of attention for her snaps that her sisters believed it was their time to be on Snapchat. This was a very smart career move. Even though they have a combined total 100.2 million followers on Instagram alone, they wanted to expand and be more connected with their followers. So far, they have grabbed a lot of media attention just from their 10 second videos featuring their kids and themselves giving updates on what they are doing that day. Kourtney has recently been talked about from her latest Snapchat posts featuring her ex-boyfriend of 9 years and father of her three children, Scott Disick. Reports were claiming that they were back together based on the Snapchat videos she posted with the both of them running errands together. She has stated on Snapchat by posting another video with Scott in the background saying that they are not back together and they are just friends. I was, like many people, very upset about this, they need to get back together ASAP.

Kim and Kourtney have taken on New York, Miami, LA, and now Snapchat, and they have no signs of slowing down. I have not added them on Snapchat yet but I do plan on it because it is cool to see what they are up to and what it is like to be in their world. Now all we need is Khloe is get a Snapchat. If Khloe gets a Snapchat I will be so excited because she is my favorite sister, she’s so cool and hilarious he snaps will be on another level (if you watch Keeping up with the Kardashians you’ll get it). I can’t wait to see what the Kardashians will dominate next.



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