I started my Spring Break earlier than usual. I didn’t attend class Friday (it was cancelled, so technically I wasn’t skipping), and instead spent two days on the film set for a short film. No, you won’t be seeing my lovely face on your tv screen anytime soon, because I was a production assistant intern. Lately I’ve been seriously considering pursuing a career in film or television, and this internship gave me the experience I’ve been looking for.

This weekend long film shoot started on Friday with a call time of 7:30am. I was relieved to find out I wasn’t the only newbie on set, and bonded over this with the makeup artist and cinematographer. As a production assistant, I helped out wherever I was needed: I set up meals for the crew, handled contracts, worked the movie slate, and whatever else the crew or actors needed.

Me + movie slate = dream fulfilled

After shooting, I got the opportunity to visit Cinespace Chicago Film Studios. The son of the Director of Production is an actor, and he had a wardrobe fitting for an upcoming pilot. I tagged along, and I can’t even express how pumped I was to finally visit Cinespace! Hit shows like Empire, Chicago Fire, and Chicago PD shoot at Cinespace, and it was exciting to be in such a high energy environment.

Exterior of Cinespace Chicago Film Studios, courtesy of their website

The next day of filming was more low-key, so I was able to do things I couldn’t do the day before. I helped set up cameras and lights, and learned a few things about the equipment. I even worked the fog machine, which I didn’t realize I wanted to do until that moment.

I’m so grateful for this production assistant opportunity. While it was a brief internship, it solidified my desire to work in the tv/film business. This won’t be my last time on a film set!



2 thoughts on “And, Action!:My First Film Set Experience

  1. What a cool experience! I was an extra in a film once, it was really interesting to see everything from behind the scenes. That’s awesome that you were able to aid in the production process!


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