Over the years hip-hop veteran Fat Joe has established somewhat of an unflattering yet admirable reputation for the list of artists he missed out on. The most noticeable artist being Eminem than there’s international sensation Pitbull just to name a few. Now it appears we can add Bryson Tiller to that list. According, to Fat Joe he had the opportunity to sign the scorching hot R&B rookie. 

Here’s how the story goes:

“He was discovered out of this tree.” Fat Joe goes on to explain, “so my man Rich The Barber…Bryson Tiller used to live in Rich The Barber’s house. To keep it a buck…I tried to sign Bryson Tiller and he fronted, he fronted!” BDot chimed in asking, “Did you hear the ‘Don’t’ record before?” Fat Joe replied, “Nah, he was just dope, he was just sitting around with us like everyday and I got records with Bryson Tiller…big records with Bryson Tiller. He was the last ni**a to come from the air, from the energy. Cause the ni**a come from Kentucky and somehow he’s sitting on the couch with us for three years. So its the cloth somehow.” (“Rap Radar Podcast”)

Starts at 1:45:51 mark. (I thought I’d help you guys out since it is a 2 HOUR INTERVIEW!) 

It goes without saying that Fat Joe has an eye for talent from Big Pun to Remy Ma to DJ Khaled, the list goes on.  However, at this point, we are well off into the seven-figure range when referencing Fat Joe’s “potential” signees. But who knows maybe Eminem would’ve never made that crossover to mainstream and maybe Pitbull would’ve kept his braids and started making reggae music (cause with braids Pitbull looked just like Sean Paul). Again. Who knows? But Damn Joseph you need to improve on closing some of these deals. What’s an ear for talent without a knack for signing them.

By @leofromthego he likes Motts fruit snacks and Real Time with Bill Maher. Follow him!


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