“Legends in the making” Vic Spencer responded when asked what they would like people to know about them. After attending their concert thursday night, I fully believe this is the case with the Chicago duo. Chris Spencer, are made up of two of Chicago’s dopest rappers Chris Crack and Vic Spencer. Solo their work is up there with some of the best in the city, but together they create a tandem that will be a powerhouse in the Chicago for years to come.


They recently released their album “Who the F*** is Chris Spencer?” that has been getting critically acclaimed reviews for sites such as Huffington Post and Pitchfork. Personally, its one of my favorites of the year, as they bring a unique sound to the mic that combines 90’s hip-hop influences with some current Chicago sounds. They also incorporate some of their favorite rappers styles such as Doom and Madlib to the album, that make this listen increasingly enjoyable. My favorites of the album are “No Biggie” which flips the beat of Biggie’s “Kick in Door” and both Mc’s go crazy on. After asking about how this song came together, the group said it was one of the first songs they made and was one of the moments where both rappers knew their partnership was gonna be something special.

The other standout track  from the album “Cement” featuring C-Rich on the hook, was my favorite live at the concert, as they brought C-Rich out of the crowd to perform it with them. C-Rich delivered with his outstanding vocals and each rapper brought the energy to back it up. Besides this song, the energy at the concert was unreal as The Whistler was at capacity as Chris Spencer took the stage. The vibe at the venue was one of the best I’ve ever been to, as the crowd knew the words to each song. Both Chris and Vic noticed this quickly, as they got the crowd involved and they even entered the crowd to perform a few tracks. Overall, this was honestly one of the best local shows as I have ever been too, as people from all over the city were there to support, creating a vibe that is rarely seen at rap concerts nowadays.


After listening to the album and attending the concert, I can say that Chris Spencer is more than music its a movement. As the group even confirmed this as they stated that their goal is to bring the dopest music the rap game has ever seen. What’s next for the duo you may be wondering? Well it seems this group is set for long term, as they responded by saying bigger things are to come, as they plan to put out more music together and solo at the same time. The best part is that if you missed out on this show, they are performing as the openers for Freddie Gibbs concert at Thalia Hall in Pilsen, April 20th. Don’t sleep, that show is gonna be insane. In the meantime, below is a link to the album, so you can hop on the bandwagon, as well as a few of my favorite solo tracks by each of the artists. Check it out!

Carrot Juice – Vic Spencer

Cuts- Chris Crack


Who The F*** is Chris Spencer?

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