Too High to Riot is the artist Bas’ second studio album. Now if you find yourself wondering who I’m talking about, Bas is a rapper that is currently signed to J Cole’s Dreamville Records. And for those of you with long memories, he also performed at Spark at the Park as J Cole opening act in 2014. If I’m being honest at the time, I wasn’t a fan. Maybe it was because I really just wanted to J cole, or there might have been some other reason, but end of the day I wasn’t a fan.

Then, around early March my roommate was listening to his new album, and I thought it sounded great, so I asked who he was listening to. Since then I’ve loved this album. Too High to Riot is a wonderful listen, and I think both avid, and casual fans of rap will enjoy this album. Some of my personal favorites in the album are Ricochet featuring the Hics, Night Job which features J Cole, and Too High to Riot the song named after the album.

Not giving this album a chance is a disservice to yourself, because you never know you might just end up loving it just as I have.

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