Last Friday I was lucky enough to see Gravez perform for an event hosted by Too Future at Canvas. Along with his amazing music, the event was complete with live painting, dope lighting and visual art on the walls along with body painters.

I am almost ashamed to admit I didn’t know Gravez would even be performing before I got there. But as soon as I heard Aaliyah’s “Are You That Somebody” in the background of one of his mixes he caught my attention. By the middle of the night my voice was gone, needless to say I had fun.

I wasn’t not much of an EDM fan, but I may be now. Gravez, being associated with Soulection, has a unique style. He stuck to mostly hip hop, and being that we were in Chicago he knew he had to play some Ye. And not just his new stuff, I’m talking Kanye classics, which definitely made my night. Artists like Gravez have made it possible for hip hop fans to appreciate EDM.

Here’s some of what I’m talking about.

Check out more of his music below, or visit his Soundcloud!

My favorites!


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