On April 3rd of last week artist KREW$ released some “left over work from his “lo-fi” sessions.” Ever since I’ve spent almost every possible moment with it in my headphones. From going to class, studying, and just relaxing, I’ve found this collection of sounds to be a great surprise. For being just “left overs” (quoting the artist) they provide a high expectation for what’s to come next in “lo-fi”.

Take a listen for yourself:

He introduces the collection with “These Are Scary Days”, a song with a mellow beat placed behind strong lyrics. Throughout the piece KREW$ seems to be comparing himself and his work ethic to what he’s observed of others’.  He makes claims such as “You got some swag but you lackin’ substance” and “This is me just having fun, yall should be afraid” perhaps hinting at the title. It seems to me this is a warning for the artists making music for the money and attention, he’s coming for them with realness.

He moves on to some more upbeat tracks, such as “New Plug” and “OTS + Tweakin'” all featuring  his unique sound. KREW$ mixes his lyrical skills with captivating beats, creating almost a mixed feeling when listening to his music. While the tempo of some of the songs in this collection relax you, his lyrics do the opposite. Sparking memories, activating your imagination, and influencing feelings of determination, lust, and enthusiasm.

Here are some of my personal favorites:



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