abra - radio

If you are anything like the average music fanatic, I’m sure you have an array of artists and albums saved on your Spotify  that you’ve failed to listen to because of lifes inevitably inconsiderate tendency to consume all of your time. I also fall victim to this travesty but finally got around to listening to some music I probably saved because of a recommendation by some narcissistic jerk I went went on one date with who actually had credible taste in music. A little over a month ago,  I  watched a music video that happens to be the work of none other than budding cool kid ABRA. The song titled, “Fruit”, was smooth, chill and just upbeat enough to be played at one of those horrid house parties  I occasionally attend. Since I enjoyed the song, I decided to save both of her albums only to fail to listen to them until today.

Surprisingly enough, ABRA experiments with a variety of sounds that are not particularly similar to the song that introduced me to her artistry. With that being said, her body of work was strong, eclectic and a true representation of an artist who has been influenced by a multitude of genres. Unlike mainstream artists who have found ways to re release and repackage the same music, ABRA experiments with instrumentation, hip hop elements and even Chicago’s infamous house music sound. Overall, ABRA is a dynamic artist with the ability to transcend to alternative music lovers.

Listen to her sophomore effort below!




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