Here we are again, I’m writing about one of my favorite artists Jon Bellion. If you follow my writing which I don’t think anyone does (but it’s nice to pretend), then you would have noticed I write about him quite a bit. But this isn’t some random article just talking about one of my favorite artist, I also bring new music. Well it’s just one song but its better than nothing.

Bellion has stated that he has been working on a new album for some time. He has also stated that he going to release it this year. Then last week something amazing happened, Bellion announced that he was releasing his first single Guillotine from his upcoming album Friday.

So yeah, Friday came, I listened to the song, and if I’m being completely honest, I was a little disappointed. Nah I’m just kidding, the song was amazing, I might of cried a little bit, I’m also thinking about making the song the soundtrack to my life. No I’m not hyping up the song just so you’ll listen to it, but if you do want to listen to it the link is at the bottom. But seriously how can you not listen to this song after how much I just hyped it up.

Last bit of news, as of now the album’s release date is June 6th.


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