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What’s up everybody, sorry for pulling a Frank Ocean and taking an unannounced hiatus from blogging lol. However, I’m back and I got a lot of music to share with you once again. 2016 music has been dope so far with some amazing projects and others that never lived up to the hype (subtweet). I decided to take on a little different format to share the music this time, so let me know what you think! Also warning, there are some R&B songs on here but I didn’t want to change the title to “20 Stages of Summer 2016 explained through rap music and 4 R&B Songs” I’m not corny lol. Anyways, Check out the list below and let me know what you think!

1. When You Just Tryna Bool Out With Your Bloods


2. When You & Your Squad Get Lit In The Club

3. When You And Your squad Roll In Deep To A House party

3. When You Hit the Game Winning 3 of the NBA Finals and Summer 16 About To Be Too Lit

4. When that Direct Deposit Hits and You can Finally Treat Your Girl vs. When It Hits and You Single



5. When Its Raining Outside and You’re In Your Feels



6. When You Applying For a Summer Job and Realize You’re Overqualified

Resume – Big Leano


7. When you break out that fresh summer outfit and are as confident as ever

8. When You Get A Little Too Lit


9. When Someone Doesn’t Put Respek On Your Name


10.Β When Its Time For a Smoke Break

11. When you look at your watch and realize its time to make that money


12. When you an NBA Legend and realize its time to retire :_(

13. When Its Hot AF Outside And You Know Where You Need To Pay A Visit To Get A Drink

14. When You Hear That One Famous Person With a Combover Talking Like A Fool

15. When You Tryna Reach Your Friends And Nobody is Capable of Answering Their Phone -___-

16. When Someone Asks You How Long You’re Gonna Stay Out Tonight

17. When People Keep Reminding You How Much You’ll Be In Debt After College

18. When You Respond “20 Min Away” But You’re Just About To Shower

19. When You Realize School Is Only A Month Away & Come Up With An Alternative Career Path

20.Β That Person Who Asks You Your Schedule For School In The Fall During The Summer

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