Magical things happen at Lollapalooza. You get to discover lots of talented, new bands, but you also get to be reunited with old favorites. At this year’s Lollapalooza, I was fortunate enough reunite with one of my favorite up and coming bands and talk to them about their journey thus far.

Dreamers is a band that I saw two times prior to their Lolla performance (I got to see them open for Stone Temple Pilots and Zella Day). Seeing them perform on the festival stage and witnessing how much they have grown since the last time I saw them live was one of my favorite moments at Lolla 2016.

At the festival, I was able to have a brief conversation with the band members Nick, Nelson, and Jacob about how Dreamers first got together, their experience with touring, and their upcoming debut album (which will be released on Aug. 26). So without further ado, here’s my final Lolla interview! Check out my interview with Dreamers below!

Dreamers at Lolla 2016 (Photo by me)
Dreamers at Lolla 2016 (Photo by me)

Pearl: How did the band first come together?

Nick: Well, Nelson and I met in New York – on Tinder.

Pearl: Oh okay, not on Grindr?

Nelson: No, it was Grindr.

Nick: It was Grindr! I get ‘em confused. I’m on both. You gotta play the odds.

Nelson: JDate, Farmers Only, all of them.

Nick: Farmers Only? Is that real?

Jacob: And they met on both – so they knew it was [meant to be].

Nick: Yeah. We met in New York over music just to record. And the same way with Jacob when we came to California. That’s where we met him. We needed a drummer and he was the man.

Nelson: The man for the job!

Pearl: So how did you guys come to be known as “Dreamers”?

Nick: We came up with “Dreamers” after we recorded our first EP. I was obsessed with sleep and dreams for a long time and wrote a lot of lyrics about that. I used to try to lucid dream. We think artists are dreamers. That’s what they should be – people who think and dream and think ahead. And that’s what we wanted to be so that’s what we called ourselves.

Nelson: And it’s inclusive. That’s why we aren’t “the” Dreamers. [We’re] just Dreamers. And that was the idea.

Nick: Everyone who listens to us, everyone who supports it are also dreamers.

Pearl: You’re going to be releasing your first album in a few weeks! What are you guys most excited for?

Nick: We’re super stoked. We’ve been working on this music for a long time, been touring, and started to play it. We’re just happy to finally be able to put it out.

Jacob: To share it!

Nick: Yeah, to share it. We’re excited that it’s going to be on vinyl. We’ve never been on vinyl before. We’re just excited to keep doing what we’re doing.

Pearl: I know that you guys released a few singles, but is there a track on the album that you’re especially excited to share?

Nick: We’re really excited right now to share the song “Sweet Disaster.” It’s one of our personal favorites. And we are just now finally able to put it out. And I think we all love playing it; filming it in video form.

Pearl: You guys have been touring non-stop recently. What has that been like?

Nelson: It’s been an adventure. It’s exhilarating. It’s exhausting. It’s affirming, you know? We get to do what we love to do every day. So it’s pretty amazing. And it’s been so non-stop that we lose track of the progress sometimes. And we have these moments where we’re like ‘oh wow.’ Like today – the whole front row of the audience was singing all the songs. And it’s just like all these people know our songs!

Jacob: Yeah, sometimes you get tunnel vision. But then you’ll realize way down the road that a bunch of work has been done.

Nick: Just three months ago we were playing in an empty bar in the middle of nowhere.

Nelson: And that still happens sometimes! You never know! It’s pretty crazy being a touring musician. It’s all very extreme – these extreme highs and these strange lows. Like we just had our van robbed of all of our stuff, just completely cleared out. [It was] thousands of dollars’ worth of stuff. It was during the day, just stolen from our van. And it was devastating! And all of these people online, they started a GoFundMe to cover our insurance and stuff. They just did it. It was beautiful!

Nick: It really redeemed the experience. For every sh*tty person out there, there’s an one hundred awesome ones.

Nelson: It was pretty amazing. Even just talking about it makes me want to cry.

Nick: Every day is kind of like a hyper-reality.

Pearl: Aside from releasing your first album, what are some things that you guys are looking forward to in the near future?

Nick: Continuing to meet awesome people. Continuing to hopefully grow as a person.

Nelson: To make enough money to afford a private jet!

Nick: Exactly.

Nelson: We do it for the jets!

Nick: Yeah, that’s why we’re in this business.

Nelson: It’s totally true.

Jacob: We’re gonna buy a jet before we buy a house and we’re just gonna live on the jet.

Nick: Yeah, we’ll be homeless, but at least we’ll have a jet.

Pearl: Okay, last question. Do you still keep in touch with Lil Trucker?

Nelson: Actually, it’s been a little while since we got an update, but we do get periodic updates. And she’s doing amazing.

Nick: She’s all grown up.

Nelson: Yeah, she got big so fast.

Nick: She’s in a happy home. She’s got sisters and brothers.

Nelson: All kinds of giant cat playgrounds made of scratchy stuff.

Nick: Lil Trucker is living more comfortably than we are.

Pearl: She doesn’t have a jet though.

Nelson: She doesn’t have a jet yet… that we know of.

Jacob: I don’t think cats are impressed by jets.

Be sure to look out for “This Album Does Not Exist” when it’s released in a couple of weeks! For now, check out the band’s latest single “Sweet Disaster” below.

If you want to check out my Lolla interview with the band Mothers, you can click here!



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